Our club started in 1994 from an idea three men had while working in a body shop in Terrace. They thought it would be great to hold a 1/8 mile competition. It was a long, hard road before we were able to hold our first race. But, one day in mid August 1995, it finally happened. The race track was a closed section of highway entering Terrace. There were 105 entrees and about 4000 spectators. Each year up until 1998, we held one yearly event. In 1999, there were two events and they went very well. Also, that year the TDRA was invited to submit a proposal to the Terrace/Kitimat airport for the use of one of their runways. Needless to say, our home is now at the YXT airport.

Our club has been growing since 1994, and we are always looking for new members.